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Newfoundland and Labrador is the easternmost province of Canada, in the country's Atlantic region. It is composed of the island of Newfoundland and the continental region of Labrador to the northwest, with a combined area of , square kilometres (, sq mi). In , the province's population was estimated at , About 92% of the province's population lives on the island of Newfoundland (and its neighbouring smaller islands), of whom more than half live on the Avalon Peninsula. Boats for sale! Find a local canoe, kayak, motorboat, seadoo, or other watercraft in Newfoundland on Kijiji, Canada's #1 Local Classifieds.� Custom built. Has a retractable skeg. Selling because of injury and can no longer kayak. Newfoundland, the youngest of the Canadian provinces, joined Confederation in Some portion of its coast was undoubtedly one of the first parts of the continent seen by Europeans. Its Western Australian Built Boats Ltd total area is , km2, of which Labrador makes up almost three-quarters (, km2). The island of Newfoundland is the easternmost region of Canada, while Labrador is located on the mainland to the northwest. Since John Cabot's arrival on the �new isle� the island has been referred to as Terra Nova, or in English, Newfoundland. Labrador probably received its name from the Portuguese designation.

Europe by train introduction How to buy European train tickets London to Paris or Brussels by Eurostar Need help? Email the Man in Seat Sixty-One! The Queen Mary 2 at Southampton The QM2 in New York London to New York without flying How to buy tickets Westbound transatlantic - a practical guide Eastbound transatlantic - a practical guide Is westbound or eastbound better?

Which cabin to choose? QM2 restaurants QM2 bars Entertainment Travel with children on the QM2 Useful information - baggage, dress code, payment on board, internet, smoking, dogs. It's easily the most civilised, romantic and exciting way to arrive in New York And for millionaires the QM2 has more luxurious suites, costing tens of thousands. The Man in Seat Sixty-One says: "From personal experience, staggering round a transatlantic liner in a dinner jacket with a martini is the normal, rational, reasonable way to cross the Atlantic.

Heading for an airport and strapping yourself to a flimsy aluminium tube is an unfortunate and eccentric aberration. Queen Mary 2 at Brooklyn, New York Transatlantic sailing dates All crossings are now 7 nights except where shown. The Queen Mary 2 usually sails from Southampton at , arriving in New York 7 nights later at The terminal she uses in Southampton varies. She arrives in Southampton at seven nights later, although the odd sailing only takes 6 nights and a few 8 nights.

If you live in the UK or elsewhere in Europe, go to www. If you live in the USA or Canada , you can confirm sailing dates, times and availability at www. Back Stauter Built Boats Mobile Alabama Car to top.

Typical Cunard one-way fares for transatlantic crossings. Late bookings in late season can often be cheaper than this! Travelling as a couple or solo? How to find cheaper tickets: You'll often find cheaper fares if you buy your tickets from a cruise specialist such as www.

However, be aware that in high summer transatlantic sailings can get full many months in advance. Round trip fares: There are special round trip fares covering two back-to-back crossings with just 1 day in New York, but if you plan to spend more than a day at your destination you'll need to pay one-way fares each way. In other words, for all practical purposes a round trip on the QM2 means buying two one-way tickets.

The Saver fares are several hundred pounds or dollars cheaper and guarantee a cabin in the booked grade or higher, but the cabin and dinner sitting time are allocated for you. You can log in to Cunard's voyage personaliser at my. Child fares: See here. What does the fare include? Go to www. Although still called a 'visa waver' programme, having to fill in a form and pay a fee to obtain approval to visit sounds like a visa to me If you live in the USA or Canada You can also book with www.

How does the ticketing work? Whether you book direct with Cunard or through an agency such as cruisenation or cruisedirect, you log in to Cunard's voyage personaliser at my. Don't worry if you don't manage to print the e-ticket, as long as you have some proof of booking you'll be fine for entering the terminal and once at the check-in desk they will have your booking on their system.

By train from London Waterloo to Southampton : Air-conditioned trains run every half hour, taking 1h By taxi from station to terminal : On arrival at the terminal, your big bags are whisked away. Check in , usually , sailing at Boarding : Immediately after security it's straight over the gangway onto the QM2. Rounding the Isle of Wight. At sea on the North Atlantic. An epic 7-night voyage of 3, nautical miles 3, statute miles.

The QM2 approaches the Verrazano Bridge in the pre-dawn glow. It's not yet 5am, but the forward decks are crowded, voices hushed in anticipation Dawn over Manhattan! Once under the bridge, that famous New York skyline comes into view A 3-day coast-to-coast train trip is a great experience.

Beginner's guide to train travel in the USA. A journey across the USA by train, in pictures New York to London All aboard for Europe! The Queen Mary 2 towers high above the terminal. Check-in is usually , and she sails at Settle into your stateroom or suite, then head up on deck for departure. Sailing from New York. The Manhattan skyline disappears astern, the Statue of Liberty passes to starboard, a calypso band is playing and champagne available on the QM2's after decks Inches to spare The QM2's funnel inches under the Verrazano narrows bridge with just 10 feet to spare.

Incidentally, one of the QM2's two funnel-mounted Tryfon horns the starboard one is borrowed from No. Out into the North Atlantic The band's playing and champagne still flowing as the 'Mary heads out into the Atlantic A smooth crossing.

Some days the Atlantic is grey and brooding, others it's smooth and glassy, some days are sunny, others foggy with the 'Mary's foghorn booming out a warning The original Ocean Terminal where the first Queen Mary, the Queen Elizabeth and even the Titanic docked is just around the corner, beyond and to the right of the red-hulled ship in the far background Take a taxi to the station and the next fast train to London Waterloo.

Welcome to London! If you find that something has changed, please let me know. If you're sailing eastbound, see the eastbound information. Are westbound or eastbound crossings better? Fast air-conditioned trains run from London Waterloo to Southampton Central every 30 minutes taking around 1h No reservation is necessary, just turn up, buy a ticket and hop on the next train. See a beginner's guide to UK train travel.

For train connections from Paris or any other European city to London, see here. I'd recommend a night in London before taking the train to Southampton on sailing day. You'll find plenty of taxis waiting at the station, the taxi rank is on the same side of the station where most trains from London arrive, so no bridges or subways to negotiate. Check-in typically opens at and closes around Cunard will give you a specific check-in time on your e-ticket to stagger people arriving, but you can arrive earlier if you like, it's not a problem.

Visitors are not allowed on board, so anyone seeing you off will have to leave you at the terminal. When you get out of the taxi at the terminal drop-off point your large bags are immediately taken from you and whisked away, they will magically reappear later in your stateroom.

No bag should exceed 23Kg 50lb but you can take as many bags as you like as long as they will all fit into your stateroom. You then walk into the check-in hall and go to the first available check-in desk, this usually doesn't take long. You may be asked to fill out a brief health form to notify the ship of any fever you have or any diarrhoea you've had in the last 48 hours.

It's a painless process compared to airports. If you feel like a late lunch, or just a tea, coffee or juice when you board, you'll find the King's Court self-service restaurant on deck 7 open for business and offering all of these.

The Queen Mary 2 is usually due to sail from Southampton at This is the most usual time, but please check for your sailing date. Once on board and settled into your stateroom, listen for announcements about emergency drill. This is held at and takes about 20 minutes. You listen for the alarm bells, fetch your lifejackets from your stateroom and go to your allocated muster station where staff will brief you on emergency procedures and you'll listen to an announcement by the captain.

When it's over, return your lifejackets to your stateroom and head up on deck for departure She is sometimes moored facing upstream, sometimes downstream, and if she's moored facing upstream at the City or Mayflower terminals, she'll first head further upstream before turning around, somehow managing to turn her 1, foot length without hitting the far bank of the river or the small boats moored there.

Southampton's historic Ocean Terminal: Cunard no longer use the traditional and historic Ocean Terminal dock, from which the original Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth and even Titanic would have sailed.

Indeed, the old terminal building was demolished in and this hugely historic location now looks totally unremarkable, a freight dock with a couple of multi-storey car parks next to it for vehicle exports.


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