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Class 9th maths ?? exercise question answers Class 9 Mathematics Notes - Chapter 1 - Matrices and Determinants - Exercise Easy notes that contain all the important questions. Hence, our answer is verified. Ex Class 9 Maths Question 6. Look at several examples of rational numbers in the form \(\frac { p }{ q }\) (q ? 0). Where, p and q are integers with no common factors other that 1 and having terminating decimal representations (expansions). Can you guess what property q must satisfy? Solution. NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths Chapter 9 Exercises ? Exercise � 1 Question (1 short answer) ? Exercise � 6 Questions (5 short answers, 1 long answer) ? Exercise � 16 Questions (12 short answers, 4 long answer) ? Exercise � 8 Questions (4 short answer, 1 long answer, 3 very long answers).
Main point:

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For any correction in English medium or in Hindi medium, please report us via mail, phone or Whats App or Offline Apps, we will try to solve as soon as possible. Go back to Class 9 Maths Chapter 1 Solutions main page to see other exercises. As a students of class 9 to understand this exercise, it is essential for you to understand the difference between terminating decimals, non-terminating recurring decimals and non-terminating non-recurring decimals.

Terminating decimals If the decimal expansion of a rational number terminates after a finite number of steps, it is called terminating decimal. Non-terminating recurring decimals If in the decimal expansion of a rational number, a block of digits repeats, it is a non-terminating recurring decimal. Non-terminating non-recurring decimals. If the decimal expansion of a rational number neither terminate nor repeats, it is a non-terminating non-recurring decimal.

The Solutions will naturally help you a great deal before your examinations. You can use it for brushing up on the concepts while also preparing for the examinations in a smarter way.

You can access tips, tricks, step by step preparation guides and shortcut techniques along with the Solutions.

These will help you a great deal with regard to understanding more about the problems and Solutions. This will also help you revise on the basic formulas and concepts when you take them up just before the examinations.

Practice makes a person perfect and these NCERT Solutions are a great way to practice Mathematics prior to taking the actual examination. These Solutions are prepared by experienced and skilled subject matter experts and teachers who have very good experience in the subject.

They know the kind of questions that you will have to encounter in the examination. You will naturally be able to prepare better for the examination since you will encounter many types of mathematical problems and questions. This is vital for your overall understanding of the subject in the future as well. The NCERT Solutions will have step-wise dissemination of all the answers for questions that are present in the exercises. This covers the whole syllabus and helps you score more marks in your examination.

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