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GAUSE BUILT 26 - Gause Built Boats
Boats Air Boats Bay Boats Bluewater Boats Convertible Boats Dual Console Boats Flats Boats High Performance Boats Saltwater Boats Skiff Boats Submersible Boats Small Boats Amphibious Repossessed Boats Tug Boats Kayak Tenders Toys Towable Boat Club Steel Boats Solar Power. Keywords. Countries.� v Expand Filters. GAUSE BUILT 26 cc for sale, Florida, USA. Length: m. Year: ?, This Gause Built 26 Boats Built In Georgia 05 is loaded with all the options! This boat features a Garmin electronics View More Details. See Gause Built Boats's revenue, employees, and funding info on Owler, the world�s largest community-based business insights platform.� Gause Built Boats's profile is incomplete. Help the community! In the meantime, Check out Owler's page for Google, Apple or Microsoft. Learn more about Owler. Gause Built Boats's website >. Read more. Update this Profile. Facebook. Tweet. Pin. Just off the Anclote River in Tarpon Springs, Florida, there is a boat builder producing unique and specialized craft, the result of generations of fishing and on-water family time. Gause Built Boats has become a respected name in a class of custom boats successfully melding a mix of fishing prowess and family comfort. The family business produces three custom craft; Gause Built 26 Center Console, the Gause Built 23 Center Console and the Gause Built 17 Flat skiff. One look at the Gause Built 26 will clearly show what the priorities are for David Gause, who runs the busin.

The Gause Built 26 center console boat is a result of several generations of a fishing family, the Gause family, working together to create the ideal fishing boat for the west coast of Florida.

There were several considerations in the original design parameters, including a boat that floats and runs in less than a foot of water, a boat with room for several anglers, and a boat that was created from the beginning to be a tower boat to take advantage of the better view a tower affords.

The original Gause Built 26 accomplished this and more. It was very well received and met all the original parameters exceptionally well. Sales of that boat were strong and customer satisfaction was very high. By all accounts, this boat was a tremendous success. Several clients had previously owned flats boats, and they reported that they could go everywhere with the Gause that they had gone with the flats boat.

More than one Small Boats Prepare To Fire Rounds Over Edges Of Lake Price owner also told of going more than 60 miles offshore in their Gause Built 26 and feeling the confidence that they would attribute to a much larger sport fishing boat. Although the original Gause Built 26 truly seemed to have all the best attributes of the best flats boat, inshore fishing boat or saltwater fishing boat, and met all the other parameters originally laid out for it, in the spring of the Gause family did a significant redesign of the boat.

The decision to do this was not an easy one, as the costs were high and the interruption of production caused a break in the income stream for the business.

However, new features that had been incorporated in the Gause Built 23 were popular, and the opportunity to bring the 26 closer to perfection was compelling Thor Built Boats Zero for the Gause family. They realized they could offer more. More comfort.

More features. More fishability. That redesign significantly improved the boat. So much so, that many Gause owners sold their early boats to buy the newer design. And the boats continued to evolve. As a custom boat, each is built specifically for its owner, and new ideas can be incorporated in each successive boat.

Improvements were being made to things like cooler storage, maintenance accessibility, fishing tackle storage, electronics, sound systems, the folding towers and much more. With each new advance in the fishing industry, the Gause Built boats got better! He knew it could be better. In , the 26 received its most extensive redesign ever. The entire interior and deck were improved to create more dry storage, larger storage compartments, better seating, better accessibility, a wider deck forward, a larger baitwell with a bigger pump, and much, much more.

Additionally, the way the inner liner interior and the deck cap now fit together with the hull mold and stringer system makes a huge difference in the stiffness of the hull. The ride is smoother, and much quieter. The Gause Built 26 has always been a great fishing machine, designed by fishermen for fishermen.

But as it has continued to evolve and improve over more than 10 years, it has become a great family boat as well. With more dry storage than any boat in its class, a comfortable, quiet ride, and every feature a fisherman could possibly think of, the Gause Built 26 has become the ultimate fishing boat in its size range. And, once again, current Gause owners are selling their earlier boats to buy the new design.

Come take a ride, and find out why!

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