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View this Bass and other Power boats on myboat035 boatplans� The all-new NITRO� Z19 Pro takes the amazing new features of the Z19 bass boat and upgrades it with even more tournament-proven features at an incredible value�you save $3, off the normal upgrade price! To start, the Z19 Pro has been completely upgraded to provide even more tournament performance and fishability in a nimble package.� Upgraded to tandem-axle trailer w/integrated winch stand step, steel fender & retractable transom trailer tie downs. Upgraded to custom 14" ( cm) aluminum trailer wheels w/spare tire. Comfort, Convenience & Peace of Mind. NMMA� certified. Nitro Bass Boat17 feet long hp 2-Stroke Mercury - rebuilt a few years ago and in great shapeLowrance fish finders - both work great - one is up front by trolling motor, and one by drivers myboat035 boatplansr 35 trolling motor works greatWe took this out a lot last fall, and everything works fine - we are just getting busier in the summer with kid's sports, and we don't think we will use it that much going myboat035 boatplans will make a great boat for anyone who likes to fish a lot� This will make a great boat for anyone who likes to fish a lot. Save used bass boat trailer to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed.+ Shipping to: Finland. Update your shipping location.� NITRO Z21,20, boat trailer fender/tire storage cover exact fit tandm fibrglas. Brand New. C $

This company Nitro Bass Boat Trailer Step Treatment is not yet authorized. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Dealership is awesome but I've had the boat in the shop 7x and 4x for the same electrical issue.

The 4 bank charger went bad, front trim switch went bad, Lowrance 16 carbon would turn off when the engine started due to some issue and 4x the boat has been in the shop for the cranking batteries going dead after 3 hours.. After the first 2 times it happened I bought a huge cc AGM battery thinking maybe there's too much stuff on one battery. Since that service visit it's been in the shop 2 more times because the dead died once on the Illinois river and again today at Heidecke Lake. I call customer service for tracker and they tell me bring it into the dealership for an evaluation.

Should have bought a ranger. Bought boat on sat morning. Brought home. Plugged in battery, caught fire. This could have burned our place down because of battery so close to gas tank. Brought back to dealer. Next week had to bring back to dealer for same thing. Very disappointed. Can't use yet and haven't even paid a payment yet.

Wouldn't advise using that dealer. Nitro needs to build better boats! We just want our boat back fixed and don't want to have to worry about it doing this again. Get buying tips about Boat Brands delivered to your inbox. I own a Nitro Z9, which I purchased new in I have never had a problem with service from this department. I asked that after the problem was identified and the matter was resolved, that I be contacted to discuss any other previous problems I'd had with the boat that were associated with water retention, moisture Nitro Bass Boat Trailer Lights List and humidity in the boat.

Specifically, I was concerned about the bilge area failing to drain when the boat was on-trailer and tilted to it maximum angle by the factory-installed trailer jack. I repositioned the boat and again raised it to its maximum tilt. No additional water ran out the stern plug hole. I placed the jack stand on a cinder block, raised the bow and increasing the height by approximately ten inches and no more water ran out. Since there is a drain pipe under the gas tank, I assumed this would lead to the amidships bilge and bow.

However, the pipe is not visible from the bow storage compartment or from the bow step that covers the small garbage can. I ran a fish-tape up the pipe from the stern end of the pipe and met with solid resistance.

It did not feel like a clog from debris or bait. I assumed it may be the gas tank so I decided to take it to TBS. The boat was left tilted overnight and driven to TBS the following day with water still present in the bilge.

I explained the problem to the service technician and noted the black mold that was growing in various parts of the boat.

I was told that it would likely be at least two weeks before this could be examined, repaired and the boat prepped for winterizing and shrink-wrapping. After three weeks, I called TBS. They were still baffled as to why water was trapped in the bilge area. I was told they had never seen this problem before.

I was informed that they had contacted the Warranty Department and that Tracker Engineering was also aware of the issue. Finally, that they were waiting to hear back from these departments on how to diagnose and fix this matter. He informed me he had not received any feedback from Warranty or Engineering as to a cause or repair, but that he was told that the problem as they explained it was "impossible".

I asked what was considered impossible and was informed by Adam that they [TBS] believed the blockage was the gas tank itself, but that Engineering disagreed. A few more days went by with no word. I called TBS again and was directed by Bryce to speak with Chuck [last name not known] in the Warranty Department, phone number I immediately called Chuck, left a message, and he promptly called me back.

I also expressed my belief that if the boat could not drain under normal circumstances and with reasonable effort on my part; that this was directly related to, and was the precipitating factor in previous problems of corrosion in electrical parts and wiring. Also, that the water retention was the primary causal factor in the recurrent surface mold on carpeting, structural components and the boat cover.

These problems were encountered each spring after the boat was stored for the winter and they were encountered to a lesser degree during the summer season when the boat was used, dried out, and recovered for periods of time. I also mentioned that I had brought this matter to the attention of the technicians at TBS when it was in there for electrical problems which could not be explained being such a new boat. I was told each time by various persons in the TBS that the corrosion and related electrical problems were common when being exposed to excessive moisture for a long period of time.

However, despite my efforts to render the boat completely dry each fall, each spring there were moisture and corrosion issues. At no time during any service visit was it suggested that there may be another problem causing the corrosion issues. I am sure no one suspected that the boat was retaining water, and I was instructed that these were moisture-related and corrosion problems.

In continuation, after speaking with Chuck the first time I let a few more days pass. I admit that I was frustrated and losing faith, and that I was shocked that no one could find the problem. I called Chuck from the Warranty Department the same day and was informed that he was still waiting for Engineering to get back to him.

I expressed my concern about how long the boat had been at TBS, and shared that my concern was now irritation with the process but that I would wait a bit longer for an answer.

I do not remember who I talked to but was informed that the boat had been in a service bay all day drying out in preparation for shrink-wrapping, and would be available for my examination. I went to TBS the next day at noon. Adam and one other technician [name not known] were present.

I examined the stern bilge area and drain pipe. I also attempted to look at the pipe through the opening in the amidships single step that leads up to the bow deck. The step houses a small garbage can that fits inside an oval hole that provides marginal visible access to the bilge area below.

This step also houses the ice chest that is not removable from the boat. The garbage can hole is approximately 6 inches wide by inches long. The garbage can itself is approximately one gallon in size. It does offer an unobstructed view of the bilge area directly under it.

However, the view is cut short at the bottom of the step when looking toward the stern. I noticed that the bilge under the garbage can had approximately inches of standing water in it. The drain-pipe under the gas tank is situated in the bilge area directly over the keel. If it were three or four feet longer it would be visible from the garbage can hole.

The pipe is not visible, and, as I was to find out shortly thereafter, ends within an inch or so after exiting from under the front portion of the gas tank. The distance from the front of the gas tank to the garbage can opening is approximately four feet depending on how it is measured making it impossible to see the bilge area in front of the gas tank.

I again asked the technicians if there was a theory about the cause of the standing water in the amidships bilge area. I was told that there had been no progress and that they the service department were awaiting instructions from Engineering. At this time, the boat had been at TBS over a month. I observed and photographed the overall condition of the boat, the decks, all carpeting, all storage bunks and cabinets, instrumentation, above and below decks, hull and bilge areas.

The stern's inside hull and bilge area were covered with condensation yet there was no standing water evident in the stern bilge area. The batteries, battery charger, inside walls of the stern hull, and other surfaces and components had dripping condensation on them � the ongoing problem with this boat. I attributed all of this to the delay in finding the issue with water drainage.

Frankly, seeing the boat in that condition when water Nitro Bass Boat Trailer Wheels Australia was an issue and corrosion was a constant problem was a bit disappointing. I admit I did not ask why so much water was standing in the boat, but I did not want to get sidetracked with a different issue. I had decided that I would get pictures of the inside structure and design of the amidships hull and bilge area.

I accomplished this simply by holding my cell phone in one hand, reaching down through the garbage can receptacle and taking pictures as I rotated the phone. In this manner, pictures taken would capture the condition of bilge area. I took several pictures with my own cell phone. I also took pictures of the stern bilge area and the inside of bow storage and rod locker bins. In various places inside the stern and amidships hull and bilge, there was black mold or some other dark organic growth.

This was most evident under the front deck and on the hull sides toward the bow of the boat. Black mold is on the underside of the center passenger seat. The back of the seat is not visible as it is attached to the rear deck. Mold is present in the stern hull and bilge areas, and mold is evident in the amidships area inside the hull and bilge, under the bow deck. There is a dark stain line of discoloration approximately halfway up the inside of the hull in the amidships area.

The white hull material is discolored below the line and has little evidence of the aforementioned black mold.

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