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What is the difference between upstream and downstream traffic? Suppose man�s speed is u meters/minute and water stream�s speed is v meters/minute. A man�s speed, swimming upstream, will be (u-v) meters/minute while swimming downstream it will be (u+v) meters/minute. Distance covered by men swimming upstream in 30 minutes = Distance covered by men swimming downstream in 16 minutes (u-v)*(30) =(u+v)* Mar 05, �� At the moment, Xfinity�s network is using the DOCSIS standard that supports 10 Gbit/s downstream and 2 Gbit/s upstream. Since early , Comcast had plans to deploy symmetrical broadband speeds by and it requires upgrading the current DOCSIS with full duplex technology so that we achieve equal upstream and downstream throughput. Quick question. if my linksys router (WAGG V2) says my downstream rate is Kbps and my upstream rate is Kbps then what speed should i usuallly be getting when i do the +net speed test? I know the speed isn't a fixed value and it varies with time. but from this it's saying about 6 meg. so.

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Upstream Speed Cap? Posts: Thanks: 1. The line stats from my router show Receive direction Send direction Max. Is it possible to get that restriction lifted? Message 1 of 5. Reply 0 Thanks. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Posts: 9, Thanks: 2, Fixes: Re: Upstream Speed Cap? Message 2 of 5. Plusnet Help Team. Posts: 18, Thanks: 6, Fixes: 1, Message 3 of 5. Reply 3 Thanks. Hi Gandalf many thanks for looking into this. I will keep an eye on the performance for a while before raising a ticket.

Message 4 of 5. Hello, There's interleaving activated INP2 on both the downstream and upstream. Check cables, plug directly into modem no router in-line. I can ping google. No internet traffic. I explained I have 6 different devices that were all able to browse the internet over the weekend and all of a sudden they can't and its my equipment no no no So I finally say ok run a speed test from your side and tell me what speeds im getting.

She huffs and puts me on hold. Shes being very rude at this point. I finally get ahold out of desperation a 6db attenuator and put it inline. Shockingly I have internet now signal levels vary from I said great. No upload download whatsoever and signal levels are range from 0. I explain to them I have a 6db attenuator that I can put back on and test they say its here nor there and it probably wont fix anything.

Surprisingly enough i get it plugged back in the modem syncs up and I magically have internet again. Word for word the lady goes. Thank you for calling Zito Media Have a great day and hangs up on me. I call back and get another person who was obviously filled in. He says well we have a ticket to tier 2 technicians and they will look into it. Serious Internet issues with Zito media After upgrading to Gigabit internet. Can't get them to admit its a signal level issues. Any suggestions Issues: 1 : Questionable Signal levels 2 : Internet is off and on throughout the day 3 : Questionable Technicians ability to fix issues.

Welcome to SG and thank you for sharing! Unfortunately, first tier technical support usually has no idea what signal levels mean, and what they should be, they just read solutions from a script and take you through the motions of unplugging your modem, connecting your client device directly to their modem bypassing any routers, etc.

To actually get signal level readings, etc. Great catch on reading your own signal levels and adding an attenuator, just keep in mind that it may also increase your upstream power too much and you don't really want that. Have you Speed Of Boat Upstream And Downstream Your tried with simply a 2-way splitter 3. I am new and not sure how this forum works but I need some input. My internet was only bonding to 1 or sometimes 2 upstream channels.

I changed all the cables and connectors and I have no splitters. Now all Average Speed Of Boat In Upstream And Downstream Github seems good but and I am bonding to all 4 channels that my Thompson cable modem supports. What could be causing it? If there was something wrong with the new cable or connectors wouldn't all the channels be out of spec? ISP came and of course they said everything was fine. Seems that your upstream power is still a bit high modem has to "yell" loudly to be heard upstream , but within specs.

Linux is user friendly, it's just picky about its friends Disclaimer: Please use caution when opening messages, my grasp on reality may have shaken loose during transmission going on rusty memory circuits. Replies: 3 Last Post: , AM. Replies: 2 Last Post: , PM. By Typiko in forum Broadband Tweaks Help.

Upstream-Downstream meter?

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