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Wooden Vintage RC Boat & Watercraft Models & Kits for sale | eBay Another popular wooden ship model kit by Corel S.R.L. is the HMS Bellona, a famous 74 gun classic British Navy ship. One of the most elegant ship model kits in our product range is the Blue Nose 11 model ship a great focal point in any room or office. For those of you who are more experienced kit builders, Smit Rotterdam model boat kit is a. included inboard electric motor. super light weight speed boat model. Metal rudder & all parts sealed in package. Box size 18" x ". Parts mint & factory sealed. box near mint. MONOGRAM Nautical Kits PB box only. U.S. Navy FROGMEN AND LCP(R) BOAT. no model kit. this is the empty box only. Models of ancient wooden boats have been found in tombs across the Mediterranean, from Greece to Egypt, though these were likely used as ceremonial offerings rather than as toys. Some of the earliest model boats in America were re-creations of Noah�s ark, with small biblical characters and animals carved from wood, similar to nativity creches.
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It takes about 50 feet of 1 x 8 play to put a building ?

Monogram 1 Items 1. Pyro 7 Items 7. Revell 28 Items Unbranded 86 Items Kit Items Lot 22 Items Shop For. Kids 1 Items 1. New Items Used 1, Items 1, Please provide a valid price range. Buying Format. All Listings 1, Accepts Offers Auction Buy It Now 1, Always select a model that is appropriate for the level of skill and experience of the person building it.

A kit that is too easy or too difficult will detract from the enjoyment of the activity. We have model sailboat kits for every level of difficulty to satisfy beginners as well as more advanced hobbyists. Read the product description of each kit to learn more about each ship, including the materials included in the kit, photographs, and level of difficulty to make sure that the ship is right for you.

Some model boat enthusiasts take the hobby to the next level with radio controlled boats. We offer prebuilt models and RC boat kits for large RC boats, scale boats, gas powered boats, PC hull boats, race and speed boats. RC boat models are used for recreation or competitive racing, depending on the interests of the individual. Browse through our website to find wooden model ships, sailboats, historic ships, and modern ship model kits that are suited for beginner, intermediate, and advanced model building.

We offer fast order processing and worldwide shipping. Worldwide Delivery Available. Products search. Shop By Difficulty Level. Beginner's Kit. Advanced Beg. Intermediate Kit. Expert Kit.

Model Boat Kits. Q Videos. My Account My Orders. Japanese market only. Debut in as biggest and fastest ferry boat in Japan. Colorful box. Canadian issue. DeMille movie directed by Anthony Quinn. Parents Magazine logo on boxtop. Gorgeous full color box art! Oval Northern Lights logo with Parents Magazine seal on boxtop. Battleship U. Comes in the "Young Model Builders Club" mailer box.

Same box artwork as the regular kit. Box dated Parts mint. Box very good to excellent. Aurora of Canada. Big "A" logo. Mantel Models. Parts mint and factory sealed. Nuclear Powered Ballistic missile Submarine.

Electronic Light and Sound. Types D; L; S. Molded in colors. The factory pre-built kits; then sent them to the hobby shop to display them; so that the public could see how great they are.

The paint jobs and construction are of superior quality. LARGE kit. Navy Escort Carrier. Could be from an Anime or Science Fiction show? Rubber band powered motor. Part of the "Historical Ships" series. Later issued by ITC. Contains: Cabin Cruiser; P. Boat; Gertrude Thebaud schooner; Outboard Racer hydroplane. Contains: U. Each ship has it's own display stand. A sailing ship which participated in Operation Sail Over parts including more than 90 photo-etched parts.

Motoscafo da Turismo Modificato. WWII modified 's speed boat designed to collide into enemy boars. B H. In real life 90' long. This kit is approx. One of Christopher Columbus' fleet in Ray Gaedke artwork. Ray Gaedke box art. Motorized troop transport. Includes the electric motor. Canadian issue that is why the silver price overprint - also has "Have Fun with International Games Ltd" sticker on the box top. Parts mint and sealed. Hard to find kit. Main gun turrets operate guns elevate.

Hard to find! Box top is near mint to mint. Painted cover - but not by Gaedke. Snap Fit. Skill Level 3. Mint and factory sealed. Limited Edition 1 of only made. Outboard Motor or an S-1 underwater motor. MINT Attractive color art boxtop by Ikematsu. Part of the "Super Speed Boat" series. Japanese issue only. Designed for electric motor. Circa early 70's. Box is excellent plus. Circa mid 70's.

Box is excellent. Japanese issue. Molded in ivory, blue and orange. Electric motor not included. A wonderful kit that was much more expensive when new - than other kits. Armed Schooner. Over 60 parts. Resin hull with white metal and etched brass parts. Made in France. Hull painted black and brown. Some deck work done.

A lot of strings have been attached for the lifeboat lines. I have NOT done a total inventory of all the pieces. I have checked it over, and it does appear to be complete. Series 2.

Series 4. Maiden voyage in Box is a bit shelf worn. Box size 18" x 4. Glows in the light, glows in the dark with black light! Snap together. NO KIT. Many parts have been excellently painted. Nuclear Powered Carrier. One-piece detailed hull.

Box very good or nicer. Box excellent.

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