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List of large sailing yachts - Wikipedia

The following is a partial list of Boat Excursion Los Angeles List sailboat types and sailing classesincluding keelboatsdinghies and multihull catamarans and trimarans. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Musto Performance Skiff. Farr 30 [a]. Ovington Boats. Rod Johnstone. Maxi White Formula. Platu 25 [b]. SB20 [c]. Francis Sweisguth. Bootswerft Mader. Viper BoatsRondar Raceboats. Niels Jeppesen. Hobie Formula Experience.

Formula Kite. Speed Windsurfing. Rolf Gyhlenius. Farr 45 [d]. Farr Maxi One Design [e]. International One Design. Nacra F Division I. Division II. Division III. Mistral Junior. Phil Morrison. Rooster Sailing. American Machine and Foundry. Bombardier Limited. Buko MKI. Buko MKII. Sparkman and Stephens. Cape Cod Shipbuilding. Canadian Sailcraft.

Constellation Whitecap Composites. Howmar Boats. X3 sailing boat list BoatsDolphin Sailboat Company. Flying Hunter Design Team. Chuck Burns and Hunter Design Team. Howard Siddons. Luger Industries. Manly graduate. Manly junior. Glenn Henderson. Northbridge senior. Jack Howie. Precision Boat X3 sailing boat list. Ranger Fiberglass Boats.

Hubert Vandestadt and Fraser McGruer. Vandestadt and McGruer Limited. Hubert Vandestadt. Herreshoff ManufacturingX3 sailing boat list Boat Co. Advance Sailboat Corp. Bob Ames. Alvin Youngquist. Jack A. Helms Co. Jibetech Turner Marine Hinterhoeller Limited. Abbott Boats. Peter Norlin. Butler Moldings. Alajuela Yacht Corp. William Atkin. Nye Yachts. Neils Helleberg. Gary Hoyt. Allmand Boats.

Robert Perry. Ouyang Boat Works. Thorwald Gjerdum. Chuck Paine. Morris Yachts. Jim Antrim. Antrim Marine. Coastal Recreation Inc.

Aquarius 24 Pilot Cutter. Frank Parish. Top Sail Yachts Inc. Joubert Nivelt Design. Archambault Grand Surprise. Georges Auzepy-Brenneur. Chantier Mallard Archambault Boats. Mark-O Custom Boats. Shad Turner.

Coastal Recreation. X3 sailing boat list C. Arthur Marine Coastal Recreation, Inc. Coastal RecreationLaguna Yachts. Hayden Gozzard. Florida Bay Boat Company. Leif Beiley. B Boat Sailing List Index Boats. BB Marine Innovations.

Steve Killing. Peter Bruun. Alvin Youngquist. Rob Mazza and the Hunter Design Team. FEAB Marstrandsverken. William H.


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